Aguapure: Aguabel's unique technology

One technology, one goal: to disinfect water in a targeted and efficient way. Aguapure systems produce a disinfectant gas from pure and cheap salt, which is completely soluble in water. Thanks to the selective membrane, only the active substances mix with the water, without intermediate storage, and all by-products are separated in the device. The device only produces when there is demand, which makes it reliable and safe.


The result? Crystal clear, pure and hygienic water that is perfectly disinfected

The disinfected water is free of bacteria, viruses, spores and other fungi. The salt never comes into contact with the process water, so the water is not corrosive. Safe for people and the environment and applicable in numerous sectors.

sectors and applications

Aguapure vs
other methods

Aguapure is an innovative development because we break the vicious circle of chemicals and ballast substances. The benefits of our Aguapure technology over traditional methods such as UV light, hydrogen peroxide, electrochemical activation and chlorine dioxide are plenty.

Aguapure vs. andere methodes
Aguapure vs. andere methodes
Benefits Aguapure technology

Efficient disinfection with residual effect in the system.


No transport or storage of liquid chlorine necessary due to the on-site production of disinfectant

Fully automatic based on pressure
differences and gravity

Extremely low levels of chloride, chlorate and combined chlorine.
Chlorate formation falls below European guidelines.

Maintenance-friendly and reliable

Preventing and removing biofilm.