water disinfection 
for industry & horticulture

Aguapure by aguabel
Disinfected water is of crucial importance in many sectors.

This importance will only increase in the future: after all, water will become scarcer and more expensive due to prolonged periods of drought. Conscious use of water, use of alternative water sources and smart water recovery is therefore a must now more than ever. Aguabel developed a unique technology for efficient and targeted water disinfection: Aguapure!


Water disinfection systems for professionals

We implement our unique technology in various disinfection devices, depending on the required capacity. As such, we offer sustainable solutions for different capacities.


Aguapure toestellen
Aguapure toestellen

Purify water for
lots of industries

From industrial laundry to horticulture, construction companies, recycling centres, …
Aguapure is your partner where
the water must be bacteriologically perfect!

Made in

The Aquapure systems are the product of years of experience and studies and continuous adjustment. The origin of the story lies with Aguabel.

About Aguabel

Why choose
Aquapure water disinfection?

  • Unique technology
  • Efficient & energy saving
  • Safe for humans, animals & the environment
  • Sustainable & future-oriented
  • Maintenance friendly