a story about pureness

Aguabel's roots lie in Belgium and more specifically in Wakken, West Flanders. Already since 2010, they have been developing innovative technology with only one goal: crystal clear and disinfected water. Water – or agua in Portuguese – is more precious than ever. The thinkers and doers of Aguabel have been studying this for a long time already. They therefore attach great importance to sustainability.  


Thanks to many studies, tests and continuous adjustments, a unique technology was created: the Aguapure cell membrane electrolysis technology. Whether you swim in it, grow vegetables with it or need it in your production: a healthy water quality is very important. For your health and that of all generations to come.

Why choose water disinfection from Aguabel?

Pure technology
Advanced disinfection technology for the purest form of water – made in Belgium.

Sustainable & future-oriented
Recycling and disinfection of cistern water, cooling water, ... possible!

Efficient & energy saving
Production of disinfectant gas only when needed. No storage which decreases the active substance.

Maintenance friendly
The fully automatic system works on the basis of pressure differences and gravity, resulting in low maintenance costs. Furthermore, salt needs to be added to the unit only sporadically.

Safe for humans & the environment
No storage and transport of chemicals. Only electrolysis with pure refined salt.