Aguapure in practice

Water disinfection is important in many sectors. This importance will only increase in the future: after all, water will become scarce and expensive due to prolonged periods of drought.


We use the available water in a considered way and think about its reusability.
With this sustainable approach, we can, for example, purify rainwater to drinking water level,
offering an absolute added value to many other sectors.

Sectors and applications
  • Hydroculture

    More efficient use of water and fertilizers, both for floriculture and vegetable production.
    Cost efficiency increases, environmental impact decreases. Expect a total system disinfection instead of a local spot disinfection.
    For horticulture, floriculture, fruit and vegetable production (tomatoes, peppers, salad, ...), etc.

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  • Process water

    Discharging water into streams? There are certain restrictions attached to this. Our systems meet all requirements to properly disinfect water.

    For recycling centres, ice cube manufacturers, etc.

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  • Rainwater

    Rainwater cannot immediately be used as drinking water. Our systems prevent algae growth (and the associated clogged pipes) and ensure that the rainwater is 100% ready to achieve drinking water quality.

    For industrial laundries, breweries, etc.

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  • Livestock farming

    Economical and sustainable continuation of water consumption. Healthy water allows animals to drink more, which goes hand in hand with increased feed intake AND faster growth. At the same time, high-quality water prevents problems with digestion and diarrhoea. The benefits for humans AND animals are endless.
    For agricultural companies, etc.

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  • Recreation

    From private and public indoor and outdoor swimming pools, to whirlpools, rehabilitation pools, swim spas and street fountains… Carefree swimming is possible in perfectly disinfected, odourless drinking water.
    For wellness centres, swimming pools, etc.

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