Aguapure 100 / Aguapure 200

Aguapure technical features

Working principles

The Aguapure 100  (15A) and 200  (30A) are membrane salt-electrolyzing units.

The Aguapure unit can be used for private use as well as for public installations (whirlpools, sauna centers, hotel pools and other industrial applications).

The perfect in water soluble disinfection gas is only produced when required, so there is no storage which improves safety.

The process only requiers regeneration salt or plain kitchen salt. As opposed to liquid chlorine, salt is very safe and user-friendly.

The units only produce the disinfectional gas when needed. This ensures that no gas is stored inside the aquapure, which improves safety.

On one side there is the salt container where approximately 85 kg of salt can be stored. This makes the unit very user-friendly (not many refills).

In the other side of the unit there are one or two cells, depending on the type of application.

For safety features, the cells are situated under water.

The Aguapure produces a high purity disinfection gas at the anode side of the cell, which is sucked into the injection line by means of an injector, and then completely dissolves into the water.

Alkaline solution and hydrogen are created on the cathode side. The alkaline solution can be caught separately and used for increasing pH levels. The hydrogen can be discharged separately and diluted in the outside air.

Aguapure operation progress

The Aguapure-unit produces a disinfection gas which is completely solvable in water. A membrane ensures that only the active components mix in water without any residues. The result is scentless, pure and potable water.

Advantages of Aguapure

  • No extensive safety precautions inherent to storing and transporting liquid chlorine.
  • The unit uses inexpensive regeneration salt or pure kitchen salt. Yet the salt itself doesn’t mix with the water. Therefore the water doesn’t taste salty.
  • Effective and efficient disinfection.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fully automated system.
  • No eye irritaton and a good skin-tolerance. As the water is soft, the pH is very stable.
  • Hygienic, natural and scentless water.

Areas of use

The Aguapure can be used in private and public swimming pools, whirlpools, fountains, agricultural areas, industrial applications,…
Concluding, Aguapure can be used in all the areas in wich disinfection of water is needed.

More information

For more information you can fill out the contact form or consult our leaflet.

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